Our Mission Statement

Our highest priority is to ensure that we have amazing food coming off the expo station. Our kitchen staff will cook with extreme love and pride, and our expos will have the training and authority to demand top quality for our customers.  

Our Core Values

  • Focus on having great company culture and the rest will follow.
  • We believe in work and life, not work versus life.
  • We will be uncomfortably transparent with our communications.
  • Make Customers for Life with great service.
  • Create food so savory and delicious that customers dream about it.
  • Do one thing, and do it better than anyone else.
  • Never overstaff. Cut, cut, cut.
  • Fast growth is preferred to stagnation. 
  • Always do the right thing.  Be ethical.
  • Embrace and drive change.
  • Be fun, and be different. 
  • Be bold, creative, and open-minded. 
  • Build a positive team and a family spirit.
  • Promote on merit and alignment with our core culture.
  • Operate with 1Heart!  

Personality Traits

We want folks who are happy, hard-working, passionate, fun-loving, open-minded, creative, dependable, accountable, humble, selfless, appreciative, compassionate, loyal, honest, competent, smart, mission-motivated, team-players.  

We DO NOT want folks who are negative, toxic, entitled, lazy, self-promoting, power-seeking, greedy, deceptive, and dishonest. 

Basically, we want a team of in-sync rowers heading towards a common distant destination, and we don’t want assholes who will ruin our perfect rhythm.  

One Team. 1Heart!


"Best Pizza in the Universe!"

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